Scrapping, Plant Dismantlement Work and Recycling Services

Scrap Steel Division

Scrap Steel Division

Collects, cuts and presses scrap steel to be sold to various manufacturers.

Scrap Nonferrous Metals Division

Scrap Nonferrous Metals Division

Collects, cuts and presses stainless steel, aluminum, etc. to be sold to various manufacturers.

Waste Recycling Division

Waste Recycling Division

Collects, sorts, cuts and presses waste to be sold to various manufacturers.


General Dismantlement Work Division

Dismantles steel-frame and reinforced-concrete buildings, as well as gas, chemical and other various plants.

ISO14001 management systems

ISO14001 certified


Management Principle

Contribute to society by recycling resources.

Basic Stance

1.Focus on Customers

We will offer enterprise value including high-quality products and services to the satisfaction of customers.

2.Focus on Shareholders

We will strive to improve our business performance and boost our enterprise value to meet our shareholders’ expectations.

3.Focus on Employees

We will endeavor to build a company that provides employees with a secure livelihood and job satisfaction.

Action Stance

Aim at establishing the “YAMASHO” brand.

“YAMASHO” brand refers to enterprise value that cannot be imitated by others. In fast-changing times like this, value at a particular point in time changes dramatically as well.
In order for us to continue existing in and contributing to society, it is necessary to establish a solid “YAMASHO” brand. Our conduct is based on such an Action Stance.

Company’s Profile

Trade NameYamasho Co., Ltd.
Head Office2-7-22 Yoshioka-Higashi, Ayase-city, Kanagawa Prefecture
EstablishedFebruary 1963
Paid-in Capital¥25 million
BankersYamato branch of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Chogo branch of Bank of Yokohama
Business Activities1. Processing and trading of raw materials for steelmaking
2. Processing and trading of nonferrous metals
3. Scaffolding, civil engineering, and dismantlement of facilities such as buildings and plants
4. Collection, transport and disposal of industrial waste
Name of OfficersPresident & Representative Director  Hiroki Yamanaka
Auditor  Yasuo Mito
Licenses, etc.1. License for Dealing in Secondhand Goods
   Kanagawa Public Safety Commission license no.452754000383
2. Collection and Transport of Industrial Waste
   Kanagawa Governor license no.1402034404
   Chiba Governor license no.1200034404
   Saitama Governor license no.1101034404
   Tokyo Governor license no.1300034404
3. License for Intermediate Treatment of Industrial Waste
   Kanagawa Governor license no.1422034404
4. Scaffolding and Civil Engineering License
   Kanagawa Governor license (general 17) no.44751
5. Registration as Industrial Waste Recycler
   Kanagawa Governor registration environment no.G00065
6. Dismantlement License
   Kanagawa Governor license no.20143000705
Main Facilities1. Scrap Steel Plant
●Pressing machine1 unit (300t)
●Mount-shirr1 unit (800t)
●Crane with magnet1 unit (4.8t), 1 unit (10t)
●Motor truck gauge2 units (50t)
●Shovel loader1 unit (2.5t)
●Power shovel (for dismantlement)2 units (0.4m3, 0.7m3, 1.2m3)
●Wing-body truck3 units (7.5t each)
●Arm-roll truck3 units (10t each)
●Trailer3 units (36t)
●Trucks, etc.3 units (10t, 8t, 4t)
●Descaling machine1 unit

2. Scrap Nonferrous Metals Plant
●Crane1 unit each (25t, 15t, 10t, 7t, 5t)
2 units (2t)
●Plasma cutting machine2 units
●Small shirring1 unit
●Power shovel1 unit (0.25m3)
●Pivoted fork1 unit (2.5t)

3. Waste Recycling Plant
●Power shovel1 unit (0.25m3)
Main ClientsNippon Steel Corporation & Sunitomo Metal, JFE Steel Corporation, Godo Steel, Ltd., Tokyo Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sanko Engineering Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals Engineering Co., Ltd., Mitsui Bussan Raw Materials Development Corporation, Metal One Corporation, Okaya & Co. Ltd., Mitsui & Co. Steel Ltd.
(in random order)

Major Milestones

February 6, 1963Established Ariki Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.
February 1965Purchased land (2,184m2) at 5760 Fukaya, Ayase-cho, Koza-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture (Fukaya Plant).
Started trading raw materials for steelmaking and nonferrous metals.
April 28, 1987Changed trade name to Yamasho Co., Ltd.
September 1987Launched business of collecting and transporting industrial waste.
May 1988Launched business of general dismantlement work.
April 1993Purchased land (1,219m2) at 2-7-22 Yoshioka-Higashi, Ayase-city, Kanagawa Prefecture (Yoshioka Plant).
August 1994Launched operation of Yoshioka Plant. Relocated headquarters to Yoshioka Plant from Fukaya Plant. Closed Fukaya Plant.
July 1999Launched business of intermediate treatment of industrial waste.
November 2000Expanded headquarters’ plant (land: 1,919.9m2).
May 2002Extended floor space of headquarters’ plant (land: 3,771.4m2).
August 2003Launched business of automobile recycling.
September 2003Acquired ISO14001 certification.